Publications and reports

Africa Strategic Infrastructure Initiative: A Principled Approach to Infrastructure Project Preparation Facilities

In Africa, preparing bankable projects is particularly challenging, largely owing to a shortage of appropriate capabilities and capacities, insufficiently enabling regulatory environments, inadequate project governance and limited financial resources. Without sufficient funds to pay for high-quality project preparation, projects rarely get off the ground enough to reach tender, let alone implementation. This World Economic Forum report explores the critical role that Infrastructure Project Preparation Facilities (IPPFs), like InfraCo Africa, play and proposes 5 key principles for their success.


Power, People, Planet: Seizing Africa’s Energy and Climate Opportunities

The African Progress Panel launched their report “Power, People, Planet: Seizing Africa’s Energy and Climate Opportunities” in June 2015. This report calls on governments to recognise that energy is the link connecting the global poverty agenda and climate change.