Corporate documents

Constitutional Documents

Funding Agreements

InfraCo Africa is funded by the PIDG Trust which is in turn funded by the Austrian, British, Dutch and Swiss governments. These governments commit to making funding available to the PIDG Trust to allow it to subscribe for shares in InfraCo Africa. Funding agreements are made iteratively.

Subscription Agreements

InfraCo Africa draws funds from the PIDG Trust through Subscription Agreements. By subscribing for shares the PIDG Trust provides InfraCo Africa with the funds it needs to develop and invest in early-stage infrastructure projects. As of December 2019, PIDG had subscribed for £156 million.

PIDG Operating Policies and Procedures

The PIDG Operating Policies and Procedures (OPPs) are common to all companies within the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) they set out standards for: Anticorruption & Integrity, Appointment and Evaluation of Directors, Complaints, Conflicts, Disclosure, Due Diligence, Procurement, Remuneration, Travel and Expenses. All of our projects must comply with the PIDG OPPs.

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PIDG Investment Policy

The PIDG Investment Policy sets out the parameters and guidelines within which PIDG will invest in infrastructure projects and conduct its business.

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InfraCo Africa Health and Safety Policy Statement

InfraCo Africa places an important focus on the health and safety (H&S) of our people and those we work with., including how we influence the H&S performance of the projects we invest in. It is our aim to promote economic development by providing capital to early-stage infrastructure projects, we also want to set an example of good H&S behaviour.