Report a concern

InfraCo Africa has a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud, bribery and corruption. If you have any concerns then we would encourage you to report them.

InfraCo Africa conducts its business with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant laws. Failure to comply can have serious implications for our business and reputation. Therefore, all employees and anyone acting on behalf of InfraCo Africa are encouraged to raise any concerns they may have about potentially unethical conduct or illegal activity in InfraCo Africa’s business by:

  • reporting them to your line manager;
  • emailing the InfraCo Africa Business Integrity and Risk Manager (;
  • contacting your company’s Compliance Officer; or
  • calling the confidential reporting helpline.

The InfraCo Africa confidential reporting method is managed by SafeCall, it is intended for use in particular where people do not wish, for whatever reason, to liaise directly with someone within their company or InfraCo Africa. Safecall provides an anonymous, independent, external reporting line where people can raise their compliance concerns and be assured they will be fully addressed.

Each call is treated in complete confidence by trained Safecall staff who will summarise the content of the call and send a report to the InfraCo Africa Compliance Manager for dissemination as appropriate. Safecall will not disclose a person’s name if they wish to remain anonymous.

Safecall will take calls on a range of compliance issues, such as:

  • bribery and corruption;
  • bullying;
  • conduct likely to damage InfraCo Africa’s reputation;
  • contravention of environmental regulations;
  • criminal activity or wrongdoing;
  • drugs and or alcohol in the workplace;
  • failure to comply with any legal or professional obligations or regulatory requirements;
  • financial fraud or mismanagement;
  • fraud or theft;
  • health and safety;
  • negligence;
  • racial harassment or discrimination;
  • sexual harassment or discrimination;
  • the facilitation of tax evasion;
  • unauthorised disclosure of confidential information;
  • unethical behaviour or practice; and
  • the deliberate concealment of any of the above matters.

You can contact Safecall at any time on the provided numbers and asking to speak to someone in your preferred language. Alternatively, you can email or make a report through the website

We do not tolerate harassment or victimisation of any whistleblower and will take appropriate action to protect anyone raising a concern in good faith.

Safecall numbers

Safecall may be contacted at any time on the numbers below and will provide services in a number of languages:

Country Phone number
Cameroon +44 191 516 7764
Canada 1877 599 8073
Chad +44 191 516 7764
Cote d’Ivoire +44 191 516 7764
Ethiopia +44 191 516 7764
France 00 800 7233 2255
Germany 00 800 7233 2255
Kenya +44 191 516 7764
Malawi +44 191 516 7764
Morocco 8000 96071
Mozambique +44 191 516 7764
Nigeria +44 191 516 7764
Senegal +44 191 516 7764
Sierra Leone +44 191 516 7764
South Sudan +44 191 516 7764
Tanzania +44 191 516 7764
Uganda +44 191 516 7764
UAE 8000 441 3376
UK 0800 915 1571
USA 1 866 901 3295
Zambia +44 191 516 7764