Building economies

US$1.5 billion mobilised
6,057 construction jobs
3,011 operational jobs

High-quality infrastructure ultimately transforms economies. It does so by providing the energy, supply-chain inputs, logistics or access to markets needed by households and businesses, stimulating economic growth and providing new opportunities for current and future generations.

We provide scarce capital to developers and businesses: working alongside them to develop, construct or scale-up and operate infrastructure solutions, unlocking good projects and enabling them to do more. Our project companies directly provide safe, inclusive, jobs and enable local businesses to scale-up or do something new, generating further indirect jobs. Working together, we encourage the development of local supply chains, investment in local capability and capacity building programmes, and unlock new opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

We believe that new sources of private capital can be mobilised to finance infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa. So we also invest in developing local capital markets and innovative commercial structures that will attract institutional and impact investors. We cross-pollinate ideas to pioneer new technologies in relatively established markets and pilot innovative solutions in frontier sectors and countries: establishing precedent and contributing to new regulatory frameworks or demonstrating commercial viability to encourage the replication and scale-up of bankable solutions.

Watson Joseph

Maximising crop yields

Watson Joseph is a farmer in rural Malawi. He participates in a livelihood restoration programme delivered by the Golomoti Solar project.

Mary Raphuel

Growing food security

Mary is a farmer in rural Malawi, she has benefited from a livelihood restoration programme delivered by the Salima Solar project.

Malekano Botiyasi

Imparting farming knowledge

Rural farmer Malekano participates in a livelihood restoration programme delivered by the Salima Solar project in Malawi.

Rogers Ssenkumba

Creating green jobs

Rogers works as a technician for Zembo, building and repairing the company’s electric motorcycles. Our Zembo project is generating skilled employment in a new green industry.

Harriet Nabaka

Reducing waste

Harriet is employed as a battery refurbisher for our Zembo Electric Motorcycles business. She works to reduce e-waste and keep batteries in use for longer.

Sam Okurut

Generating sustainable careers

Inspired to enter a new green industry, Sam manages a battery swap station operated by our Zembo Electric Motorcycle business.

Daniel Dreher

Growing sustainable businesses

Daniel is one of the co-founders of our Zembo project in Uganda. InfraCo Africa is supporting his work to pioneer a growing electric mobility business.

Nabirye Mary Marjo

Encouraging women into non-traditional roles

Mary transports her customers on a Zembo electric ‘boda boda’ taxi. Our Zembo project is creating new jobs for women.

Regina Marekesa

Transforming rural mobility

Regina Marekesa uses a Mobility for Africa electric tricycle to deliver her transport and logistics services in rural Zimbabwe.

Adefi Mtambo

Boosting productivity

Adefi Mtambo is a livestock and vegetable farmer in rural Zimbabwe. She drives a Mobility for Africa electric tricycle.

Sambel Ka

Growing farmers’ aspirations

Sambel farms six hectares of land in rural Senegal. Our Bonergie Irrigation project offers affordable financing options for solar-powered irrigation systems which enable Sambel to grow more crops and realise his ambition to irrigate more of his land.

Absa Diagne

Empowering farmers for the future

Absa is a farmer in rural Senegal. A solar-powered irrigation pump from our Bonergie Irrigation project gives Absa more control over her production without worrying about the cost and availability of diesel, and frees up money for her children’s education.

Isata Foday

Growing small businesses

Isata Foday runs a telecentre in Tikonko Chiefdom. By saving her money on diesel fuel, our Sierra Leone Mini-grid project enables her to better provide for her family.

Mohammed Kabba Turay

Inspiring ambitions

Mohammed Kabba Turay is PowerGen’s Foreman for the Tikonko facility. Our Sierra Leone mini-grid project is generating jobs and opportunities in this community and across the country.

Philip V. Koroma

Supporting educational success

Philip V. Koroma is the Headteacher at RC Primary School, Futa Pejeh Chiefdom. Our Sierra Leone Mini-grid project is enabling children to study at night.

Haja Isata Kamara

Extending business hours

Haja Isata Kamara is a businesswoman in Futa Pejeh Chiefdom. Our Sierra Leone Mini-grid project enables her to keep her shop open after dark.

Venia Mboozi

Inspiring entrepreneurs

Venia is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya. With access to irrigation, she can grow crops year-round, earning income to invest for the future. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is supporting female entrepreneurs.

Lawrence Ligunda

Creating connections

The late Lawrence Ligunda was an early captain of the MV Ssese, one of Kalangala Infrastructure Services’ regular ferries linking Bugala Island and the Ugandan mainland. Our KIS project is connecting people and stimulating business growth.

Miriam Mutende

Diversifying family incomes

Miriam is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya. Irrigation enables her to grow vegetables year-round, providing income security for her family. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is providing peace of mind.

Isaac Phiri

Sharing knowledge

Isaac is an Agronomist employed by Chanyanya Smallholders Cooperative Society. He supports members’ efforts to maximise yields from the irrigated market gardens.  Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is encouraging knowledge sharing.

Monday Machenje

Maximising yields

Monday is Chair of Chanyanya Smallholders Cooperative Society. He ensures that his fellow smallholders make effective use of irrigation.  Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is developing agricultural expertise.

Mwala Judith Mwangala

Enabling bright futures

Mwala is a retired deputy headteacher in Demu.  Irrigation will support her vision to provide vocational training for young people in her community. Our Chiansi Irrigation project will provide new opportunities.

Mailess (Hachunga) Mwewmbo

Realising aspirations

Mailess is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya. Irrigation enables her to grow and sell vegetables year-round, earning money to feed and educate her children. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is supporting access to education.

Charles Chipwanyepwanye

Empowering rural farmers

Charles is the Chair of Demu Irrigation Cooperative Society. Irrigation will help him to realise his vision for productive and profitable farming.  Our Chiansi Irrigation project will transform farmers’ livelihoods.

KIS ferry crew

Training local mariners

Ssekiziyivu Martin, Ephraim Kisakye Kiggundu and Theresah Namutebi are part of the crew of Kalangala Infrastructure Services’ scheduled ferry service which links Bugala Island and the Ugandan mainland. Our KIS project is training local mariners.

Ssengaba Ronald

Opening up markets

Ssengaba Ronald manages fishing at the Kasenyi Beach landing site, Bugala Island, Uganda.  With access to reliable power, clean water and safer transport links, his business is thriving. Our KIS project is opening up markets.

Ssawuka Martin

Powering career aspirations

Ssawuka Martin owns a welding business on Bugala Island, Uganda. With KIS power, he can afford to employ four apprentices. Our KIS project is generating local employment opportunities.

Gilbert Munsaka

Developing careers

Gilbert supervises a team working on Chanyanya Infrastructure Company’s commercial farm. Irrigation has enabled him to build a career in commercial farming. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is supporting career ambitions.

Musiime Prosper Vans

Engineering positive change

Musiime Prosper Vans is employed by Kalangala Infrastructure Services as an engineer. He oversees KIS’s multi-sector project on Bugala Island, Uganda. Our KIS project is engineering positive change.

Harrison Mubita

Promoting economic growth

Mr Mubita manages Chanyanya Infrastructure Company’s commercial farm. Irrigation enables him to maximise crop yields and to employ a growing workforce. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is creating skilled employment.

Wayne Carbutt

Creating local employment

Wayne is Chiansi Farming Company’s Project Manager. The company trains and employs local people in a range of farming and construction roles. Our Chiansi Irrigation project is boosting rural employment.

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