Protecting our planet

>100 MW of renewable power
2,070 electric vehicles
2,150 solar powered irrigation systems

Our projects and investments support sub-Saharan Africa’s transition to net-zero emissions whilst preserving its natural capital. We finance and develop inclusive climate-smart infrastructure that reduces or avoids greenhouse gases, minimises waste, uses water and energy efficiently, and promotes a circular economy.

We work alongside our partners to design-in climate resilience and maximise the potential of emerging green technologies. This approach not only protects the value of our infrastructure assets but also minimises their environmental footprint and operating costs, ensuring that they remain affordable for future generations. We also champion the delivery of infrastructure which supports those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and enables them to adapt and leverage new opportunities.

Harriet Nabaka

Reducing waste

Harriet is employed as a battery refurbisher for our Zembo Electric Motorcycles business. She works to reduce e-waste and keep batteries in use for longer.

Daniel Dreher

Growing sustainable businesses

Daniel is one of the co-founders of our Zembo project in Uganda. InfraCo Africa is supporting his work to pioneer a growing electric mobility business.

Mohamed Ndoye

Engaging rural farmers

Mohamed is a sales representative for our Bonergie Irrigation project. He engages with farmers to expand awareness of the environmental and financial benefits of adopting the company’s solar-powered irrigation and drip irrigation systems.

Absa Diagne

Empowering farmers for the future

Absa is a farmer in rural Senegal. A solar-powered irrigation pump from our Bonergie Irrigation project gives Absa more control over her production without worrying about the cost and availability of diesel, and frees up money for her children’s education.

Kadiatu Sesay

Providing skilled local employment

Kadiatu Sesay works as a PowerGen Technician in Futa Pejeh Chiefdom. Our Sierra Leone Mini-grid project provides her with a skilled local job.

Fergus Cochrane-Dyet

Supporting replicable solutions

Fergus is the Former British High Commissioner to Zambia. During his time in post he represented the UK Department for International Development on a visit to InfraCo Africa’s Chiansi project. Our Chiansi Irrigation project is creating a model for sustainable agriculture.

Often Mainza

Opening up opportunities

Often is Secretary of the Demu Irrigation Cooperative Society.  Irrigation will enable him to achieve food security and support his children’s education. Our Chiansi Irrigation project will enable children to go to school.

Hildah Chinoya

Boosting family incomes

Hildah is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya.  With access to irrigation, she has diversified the crops she grows, improving her family’s nutrition and earning money to pay for household necessities. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is boosting family incomes.

Powder Hachilenge

Promoting profitable farming

Powder is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya. Irrigation allows her to grow crops year-round which she can sell to earn an income. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is helping farmers to move beyond subsistence agriculture.

Peter Mainza

Leaving a development legacy

Peter is a smallholder farmer in Demu South.  Irrigation will enable him to grow food and cash crops to support his grandchildren’s education. Our Chiansi Irrigation project will leave a development legacy.

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