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We believe that working together, as valued partners, is the best way to develop the infrastructure that sub-Saharan Africa needs.

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InfraCo Africa’s mandate is to provide catalytic early stage risk capital and development expertise and crowd in private sector investment. We will therefore not get involved in a project if it can readily attract the financing it requires from other private or DFI investors. We prioritise early stage projects that have the potential to deliver a positive developmental impact and be commercially viable but that need our risk capital and expertise to become bankable and attract private sector investment.

Through our Investments arm we can also fund the expansion of innovative infrastructure related businesses that are already commercial and need to scale-up.

When investing in developments, we will consider committing between US$1m and US$10m of risk capital by way of a straight shareholder’s agreement or convertible loan agreement, potentially splitting this commitment between a pilot and then the full project. We will in some circumstances take a majority shareholding however we expect our project partners to be committed to the project and to demonstrate this by committing their own capital, resource and time to its development. Once a project reaches financial close we will typically sell down our shareholding to take a 20-25% equity position through construction and into operations if required, typically seeking to fully exit the project once it is proven to be commercially viable. If investing through our Investments arm, we will consider investing between US$5m and US$25m and will typically take a significant position, between 20% and 40%, aiming to exit within 5 to 7 years.

Regardless of when we are investing, we target to achieve a market return on our investment. Whilst we recognise that those who have invested prior to us have taken greater risk, we will not subsidise the returns of others and would expect to match our partners return’s if they are investing capital at the same time as us with the same risk profile. As having the appropriate governance in place and working to international standards (especially around HSES and ABC) is important to us, we will also expect to have a credible and strong voice on the project steering committee (prior to incorporation) and/or Board.

Working with us

Whether committing risk capital at the beginning of a project or equity financing construction or operations, we will always first obtain approval from the PIDG Investment Committee (IC). Before submitting an investment to the IC, we conduct a thorough due diligence of the project or business and its stakeholders (steps 1 and 2 below). We can commit funding prior to the financial close of a project to support its development (step 3) or at the point a project is ready to commence construction (step 4) or into an innovative operating business that needs support to scale-up or prove commercial viability (step 5).

  • Receive a project proposal or identify an opportunity that meets our investment criteria;
  • Learn more about the project, its sponsors and the need it seeks to address;
  • Understand the project’s technology, business model, financing and developmental impact;
  • Identify key risks, including health and safety, environmental and social;
  • Confirm government and community support, land ownership and project rights; and
  • Understand the commercial terms of our involvement and potential exit strategy, as well as those for other project partners.

Typically, 3 to 4 months

  • Complete technical, legal, financial, environmental and social due diligence (undertaking studies or site visits as required);
  • Get to know the key stakeholders and their aspirations for the project;
  • Complete Know Your Customer (KYC) and/or reputation checks for all significant parties;
    Secure host government support and confirm resourcing (as required); and
  • Negotiate and secure Investment Committee (IC) approval to sign a Joint Development Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Convertible Loan Agreement or equivalent.

Typically, 3 to 6 months

  • Regularly review progress against milestones and budgets, mitigating or resolving potential issues;
  • Complete feasibility studies and the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment, define Environmental & Social Plans;
  • Optimise infrastructure design and apply for key permits, approvals and licenses;
  • Finalise offtake / revenue, fuel supply or other operating agreements;
  • Negotiate construction and operation contracts (EPC);
  • Fine-tune the financial model, seek and arrange financing, mobilising internal and external expertise as needed to reach financial close; and
  • Manage hand-over to the Asset Management team

Variable, between 12 and 48 months.

  • Draw down financing, satisfying government and stakeholder reporting or financing requirements;
  • Establish a site-based management team to oversee construction activities.
  • Establish Health & Safety systems, regular reviews and training, mitigating and reporting incidents if they occur;
  • Monitor progress on development impact commitments;
  • Manage EPC providers, construct and commission infrastructure;
  • Set-up and staff operational processes, environmental, social, health & safety, and business management systems; and
  • Transition to the Operations & Management team.

Variable, between 6 and 36 months.

  • Support the good governance and operation of the company;
  • Monitor environmental, social, health, safety and other governance practices (including Anti-Bribery and Corruption); and
  • Evaluate the developmental impact of the infrastructure and any additional initiatives the company has implemented.

Variable, for the duration of our investment

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People are key to our success.

We are expanding our team. We can offer you the opportunity to work in a challenging yet rewarding environment; developing and investing into innovative infrastructure projects in frontier markets that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Come and work with us.

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InfraCo Africa relies on the strong relationships it builds with developers, investors and service providers to deliver pioneering infrastructure that changes lives. Lets work together.

If you would like us to notify you of future procurement activities, please send a short statement outlining your company’s experience and the type of services or products it could provide to

  • Pre-qualification for drilling contractor - Corbetti

    Corbetti Geothermal PLC is pleased to announce this pre-qualification notice for geothermal drilling in the area of the Corbetti Caldera, Ethiopia, to identify potential drilling contractors that are interested in participating in the Project.

    Detailed tendering documents will be issued at later stage to selected bidders after the results from this pre-qualification. It is estimated that the drilling contract will be awarded in Q4 2020.

    All submissions, inquiries or comments to this Pre-Qualification should be sent by email to:

    Helgi Leifsson

    cc: Kristinn Ingason

    Submissions should be received by 17th of July 2020, 16:00 East Africa Time (EST).

  • Expressions of Interest - Golomoti Solar

    Golomoti JCM Solar Corporation Ltd hereby request interested companies with relevant competencies, capacity and experience to submit responses to this request for Expressions of Interest (EoI) to be selected as pre-qualified candidates for a number of defined work packages relating to equipment supply and construction works for the 20MWac Golomoti Solar PV plant in Malawi.

    The EOI shall be submitted electronically and shall include a signed copy of the covering letter (e.g. a scanned PDF) along with soft copies of appended information.

    Completed EoIs shall be addressed to:

    Jon Bahen

    Golomoti JCM Solar Corporation Ltd,

    7th Floor, West Wing,

    Kang’ombe House, City Centre,

    Lilongwe, Malawi

    Proposals shall be delivered electronically in full by no later than 18:00 Central Africa Time on 3rd of July 2020 to the following address:

    Jon Bahen

    And in cc:

    Patrick Godfrey 

    Joe Richard 

    Shane Eglinton 

  • Request for Proposals - Liberia Inland Storage Facility

    The Inland Storage Facility (the Project), developed by InfraCo Africa Limited and Global Logistics Services (GLS) is a strategic response to the limited storage, distribution and logistics infrastructure within the Manu River Union (MRU). The ISF is an inland terminal located on 2.28 acre of land in Monrovia Industrial Park that will consist of general warehousing, with some limited temperature-controlled ambient storage and cold storage facilities. The Project will operate on a throughput model; customers such as third party logistics services providers (3PL) or importers pay to secure space in the facility and pay to use the additional services provided such as consolidation/deconsolidation of cargo and inventory management.

    The developers are seeking to hire an Owner’s Engineer who shall monitor the execution of design-build EPC contracts, as well as oversee the commissioning of the Project over a 14 month period of the assignment.

    Interested firms should send their bids in compliance with the requirements mentioned in the Request for Proposal by 17:00 hours GMT, 21 July 2020 to

    A pre-bid conference shall be held at 15:30 hours GMT, 6 July 2020.  Interested bidders should express their interest in joining the pre-bid conference by emailing at