Embedding good governance

We take our role as custodians of public funds seriously. Our management systems have been reviewed by Lloyd’s Register and approved against the ISO37001 standard.

We believe that strong governance enables transparency and creates an environment where everyone can prosper equally and fairly. So we partner with our project companies to review and embed robust compliance and financial management practices and invest time in training and raising awareness of anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, combatting the financing of terrorism, complaints, and whistle-blowing processes. We also work with communities and local governments to raise awareness of good governance practices and build capabilities where local groups participate in project decision-making or manage local initiatives.

We apply PIDG’s proven Sustainable Development Impact (SDI) framework to assess the potential of an investment and inform our decision-making. Having an SDI focus and robust processes enables us to identify opportunities to do more, to monitor and evaluate outcomes, and to learn.

Gabriele Schwarz

Embedding good governance

Gabriele is the Founder and Director of Bonergie Irrigation. InfraCo Africa is supporting the development and scale-up of Bonergie’s business model which seeks to enhance farmers’ climate resilience and food security by delivering high-quality solar-powered irrigation pumps and drip irrigation systems.

Felix Chizhuka

Bringing people together

Felix is InfraCo Africa’s Project Consultant for the Chiansi Irrigation project. He liaises with multiple stakeholders to build consensus. Our Chiansi Irrigation project is uniting people to achieve lasting impact.

Maurice Hikapulwe

Realising homegrown solutions

Maurice is Treasurer of Chanyanya Smallholders Cooperative Society. Among the project’s founders, he instigated efforts to bring irrigation to Chanyanya. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is pioneering homegrown solutions.

Mark M. Nyamusanga

Supporting local solutions

Mark is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya. Among the project’s founders, he is passionate about the benefits it has delivered for local people. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is changing lives.

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