Africa GreenCo: Announcing the issuance of the GreenCo Export Licence by the Electricity Control Board

27th Sep 2023

The original article was published in the Africa GreenCo newsletter on 27th of September 2023 and can be found here

Windhoek, Republic of Namibia – Africa GreenCo Group, through its Namibian-based operating company GreenCo Renewable Energy Services (Pty) Limited (together, GreenCo), is delighted to announce the issuance of its Namibian export licence by the Electricity Control Board (ECB). This achievement marks a significant milestone in GreenCo’s mission to revolutionize the energy landscape, help boost the Namibian electricity sector, and facilitate the integration of Namibian Independent Power Producers (IPPs) into the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

Namibia boasts an abundance of renewable energy resources, including solar and wind, which remain
largely untapped. GreenCo, through engaging with key Namibian electricity sector players will help
harness these resources efficiently whilst facilitating the opening of the electricity supply industry via
the Modified Single Buyer (MSB) Market Model whose purpose is to allow competition in the market
resulting in lower tariffs, increased local generation capacity, encouragement of private sector
investment in generation, and reduction in the financial liabilities on the Government.

By fostering innovation and investment in clean energy projects, GreenCo is committed to working
closely with all associated stakeholders to ensure the responsible and sustainable growth of the
renewable energy sector in Namibia.

CEO of GreenCo, Ana Hajduka said, “We are delighted to receive the Electricity Export License from the Electricity Control Board of Namibia. This represents a major step for GreenCo’s regional expansion. Our focus is on promoting renewable energy and creating opportunities for local IPPs to thrive in the evolving energy landscape.”

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